Last comments for json_decode()

On 16. Nov 2017 10:02 Charles Njau wrote:

This such a great tool for testing good work mate

On 03. Jun 2013 07:37 indapublic wrote:

Your site is correctly working with my utf8 encoded json data, but I have JSON_ERROR_UTF8 error on my local site. What could be a reason?

On 29. May 2013 13:02 Fred wrote:

Did you do any special pre-parsing/encoding of the text? json_decode keeps failing for me inspite of it working here and on jasonlint validator. Not sure what it is..

On 29. Nov 2010 10:41 butzi wrote:

Sorry, currently only ISO-8859 is working well, as input charset. You use UTF-8 so, there are some problems. I am looking for a workaround, but this is very hard to find.

On 23. Nov 2010 23:05 dobau wrote:

I have some problems with special characters like 'São Paulo'

On 30. May 2010 19:54 jon wrote:

Amazing site, everyone should use this site, so helpful!

On 30. Mar 2010 08:58 butzi wrote:

@soeren: the function json_encode is added, enjoy it :-)

On 29. Mar 2010 17:29 soeren wrote:

I would be happy to see json_encode() here, too :)